Thursday, 13 August 2015



Alhamdulillah,setelah 3 tahun berkelana mencari ilmu,akhirnya setelah keluar result tadi,barulah boleh declare officially graduated.

Somehow,I still cannot believe that 3 tahun tu dah berlalu.Terlalu banyak kenangan dalam tempoh tu.

So,what's next.

Job hunting of course.

But before that,ada benda yang paling penting aku kena tunaikan dulu.

After that,barulah boleh fokus nak hala ke mana.

Till then,


Anonymous said...

Hi, i wanted to ask u a question i really DO hope u will reply asap n it really means a lot to me.lets say i am not qualified enough to take foundation in law at uitm n i know theres another option which is ipts but the fees are unbearable n since my family is now financially unstable n also no loan for foundation studies,i really feel like giving up.i only got 3as,3b+ n 1c 1d(which is perdagangan) n i dont think they will accept me as my result is very so so.may i know is there any diploma course that i can further my studies in law for degree?n what are u currently doing now?i really hope u'll reply soon.thank uu sooo muchh!(n also im so sorry for the long rantings)

MuniRAH Kadir said...

check it out here :)

Admission Requirements

UiTM Law Foundation Programme with a minimum CGPA of 3.00 or KPM Law Foundation Programme with a minimum CGPA of 3.75; or

Diploma from UiTM with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 or Diploma from other universities with a minimum CGPA 3.00; or

STPM with a minimum of three (3) principles with at least a grade B and SPM with credit in English; or

SPM with 5 credits including English and work experience of at least ten (10) years in the legal field approved by the Selection Board; and

Pass the interview conducted by the Faculty; and

MUET with a minimum requirement of Band 4

But,I think it is better if you choose dipac(diploma in public admin uitm)But,again that's only my opinion.

pemburu ilmu said...

hai Munirah.

saya bakal melanjutkan dalam bidang ini, sekiranya x keberatan bole saya dapat facebook atau ape ape medium untuk sy tanya beberapa soalan. jika keberatan untuk beri fb, beri email pon xpe. tq :)

MuniRAH Kadir said...

@pemburu ilmukindly email at before this night because I'm not available for a month after tomorrow :)