Thursday, 16 April 2015



They call me Mun,
They call me Munirah,
They call me Munirah Kadir
They call me The Munirah Kadir

Back to the basic,that's what people call me.

I don't care what people wanna call me,
But,I prefer they call me Munirah or Munirah Kadir,
and Mun,only a close friend dares to call me.

Munirah Kadir,

She's the youngest,and it's not her fault if she's being pampered,
However,with the people that she does not recognise,
She changed.

Many people thought that she's fierce,arrogant,poyos or even kereks.
But deep inside her heart,
she's just a little princess in her family.

If she opens her heart to talk with outdsiders,
meaning,she's comfortable with you.
Once,you know her,
You may end up like...
Is she always that insane..

Despite her fierce looks and appearance,
She kept something that others could not understand.
But she would not disclose it,
and not all people around her knows behind the story
Only to those peoples that she really trust,
and...for that
only a few people she chose to tell the story.

She does not like to smile,
She does not like to talk with a guy that she does not know,
She does not like to argue with people

However,she expressed it with her expressions.

Her friends said that,
Why you are so fierce in front of your comrades junior,
But,in front of a guy,
you changed,to be a shy lady.

And she answered,
It's a human nature.

After all,she don't care what people said about her
She don't lives to impress others
Being herself,is who she is.

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